The Hutt Clan

The Hutt Clan Consortium has been a crime organization associated with the underworld for centuries, dating back to the Old Republic. The Clan is ruled over by the Hutt Grand Council, a committee of elder Kajidiis from powerful factions and crime families that advise on strategy and make decisions on inter-family disputes. The Hutt clan is comprised of the five groups that preside over various aspects of underworld life. The Hutt Clan is the main branch and trading portion of the Hutt Clan Consortium. With their hands in smuggling, astrography, slicing, and trade management, the Hutt Clan has maintained a level of secrecy and relevance through this ever changing galaxy. Freebooters Union is the mercenary limb of the Hutt Clan Consortium. Sprung from the ashes of the old Galactic Productions, the Freebooters made a name for themselves by taking down their rogue leader, Za. Now they perform a variety of odd jobs, guns for hire. Outer Rim Supply is the manufacturing offshoot of the the Hutt Clan Consortium. ORS provides of all the necessities that bounty hunters, colonists, smugglers, and explorers in the Outer Rim could ever possibly need. Port Nowhere is the mining sector of the Hutt Clan Consortium. Based out of the station with the same name, Port Nowhere has been a mining hub since its inception during the rule of the Old Republic. The Smugglers Guild has been a cornerstone of the smuggling world for over a decade, practicing fair trade relations throughout their time in the galaxy. With smuggling at the heart of their operation, the Guild aims to provide mercenary opportunities for friendly factions. For employment opportunities, please contact Burgga Kostijic Mafa.

Burgga Kostijic Mafa, granee lorda


The navigators of the Hutt Clan know that business is only as fast as the fastest hyperlanes, and we strive to make that the quickest it can be. Our astrography fleet is based out of a Research & Development addition to the Port Nowhere station, where pilots with YT-510s and R2-series astromechs have mapped lanes from Hutt Space to the far western reaches of the core. In addition to the mapping of hyperlanes, the astrographers also have the resources to map full sectors. Price negotiable, contact Alston Nailo or Ossluk Vaskau for pricing.

Trade Management

Now managing over 300 trade facilities! The Hutt Clan is currently offering management of trade facilities to the public, as well as ownership of trading stations. The Clan charges a flat rate of 5% of the facility income in exchange for managing the trade facilities, and charges nothing for trade station ownership. Trade FI payout occurs weekly, either Sunday or Monday.


With one of the widest networks of smuggling contacts, the Hutt Clan is a frontrunner in the transport and smuggling game. Whether your goods are behind shields or stowed away in a pirate's hold, our pilots are among the best in the galaxy. Let us work to get them back, save yourself the stress. A fleet of YT-2000s, YV-666s, and many other ships allows the Clan's pilots to access corners of the galaxy that beings haven't seen for years, and for one of the cheapest prices in the galaxy.


The Hutt Clan's security team is among the best in the galaxy. Each locksmith is trained using techniques passed down from the great Crane Baxa. The Clan offers door services as well as full security installation services including TT-8Ls, doors, and security control panels.

PubliC Trade Stations:

Trading II Station - Port Nowhere Trading Station

Status: Public

Deep Space: (97, -83)

System Position: (11,10)

Trading II Station - Outland Transit Station

Deep Space: (284, -132)

System Position: (10, 10)

Trading II Station - Trading Post/Cantina

Status: Public

Deep Space: (95, -369)

System Position: (8, 11)

Trading II Station - Asher Trading Outpost

Status: Public

Deep Space: (122, 303)

System Position: (10, 19)

Trading I Station - Xanadu Mini-Mall & Galactic Market

Status: Public

Deep Space: (372, 125)

System Position: (13, 7)

Trading I Station - Port NoWhere Trading Post

Status: Public

Deep Space: (205, -5)

System Position: (6, 5)

Trading I Station - [XC] GalMart Depot Trading Station

Status: Public

Deep Space: (-20, 310)

System Position: (10, 1)