Hutt Ruling Council

To prevent a repeat of the Hutt Cataclysms, the Hutts realized that their entire culture must change and develop new philosophies if they wanted to avoid destroying themselves. Budhila Hestilic Amura created the Council of Elders, also known as the Hutt Ruling Council, as the ultimate arbiter for Hutt activities. The council’s decisions would be binding on any Hutt claiming clan rights, which gave it authority over nearly all Hutts. The hope was that this would restrain rivalries from getting too out of hand ever again and prevent widespread internecine war. For the Hutts to survive, they needed to replace their warrior traditions with new philosophies. Budhila created the idea of the kajidic, where the Hutts strive to control from within organizations instead of via dominance through outright combat. This tradition become so ingrained that it displaced the old ways, which soon became Hutt stories of myth and legend. Eventually, the kajidic would evolve to nearly displace or become indivisible from some clans, but it was originally a philosophy to be followed, and would be through the millennia. As with the kajidics, the Hutt Ruling Council also evolved and changed with the politics of the time. The Hutt Ruling Council also enacted the first of the Hutt commercial regulations. These provided the legal framework necessary to allow Hutt society to thrive—and for the Hutts to manipulate. Breaking these laws was frowned upon, but Hutt punishments often (though not always) came in the form of political and economic losses rather than prison time. Hutt justice is more about politics and revenge than balance or fairness, which much of the galaxy finds corrupt and unjust. The Hutt Ruling Council continues to provide support, both to old and young Hutts, that are trying to make their way in this galaxy. Below is a list of the current kajidics that make up the Hutt Ruling Council.

hutt kajidics


Current Clan Leader: Burgga Kostijic Mafa

Throneworld: Nar Shaddaa

Bases of Operations: Nar Shaddaa, Nimban, Port Nowhere, Tatooine

Current Operations: Transport, cartography, gambling, smuggling.