Port Nowhere

Hidden between nebulae, far from any hyperlane or the law, Port Nowhere remains secluded as an institution of the underworld. Port Nowhere is a neutral shadowport of unknown origin, with records dating back to ore-Imperial times. It was founded as an old mining colony that escaped the eye of the Empire. While sticking to its roots as a mining hub, it also acts as a safe haven for smugglers, mercenaries, scoundrels and bounty hunters, all looking for their next paycheck. Working with a variety of specialists, scoundrels, and freelancers, the Port strives to be the one-stop-shop that can fulfill all your legal and illegal needs, whether that be its famous shipyards, the Wandering Wayfarer cantina, or perhaps one of the many bounty hunters or assassins found at the colony.

Port Nowhere, home of the mining faction of the same name.

High Stakes & Hyperspace is the newest casino found at Port Nowhere. Every individual starts with 500,000 cR to gamble away in sabacc (blackjack), roulette, or slots, and can cash out at any time.

The Wandering Wayfarer Cantina is a true establishment of the underworld. A cantina where nobles, scoundrels, gamblers, and mercenaries can mingle and drink to their hearts' content.