Slice of the Hutt`s Emporium

So, you’ve ventured in the Palace halls of Pizza the Hutt. Welcome to the Emporium of Zoltan Grubb the Hutt, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

Formerly known as "Outer Rim Supply" it served as the Manufacturing Branch of the Hutt Clan. But now in the hands of an ambitious Hutt who’s keen on tasty business deals that leave both parties satisfied. In honour of his Hutt heritage combined with his love for Pizza’s this Emporium finds a way to blend greasing palms with smooth running engines.

One visit to our factories will make you hungry to start investing in our products. Not one product leaves without the greasy seal of approval to ensure a solid customer rating.

Slice of the Hutt’s Emporium delivers a wide range of services, all with the option for discretion. You must not miss out on a slice of profit and know all business negotiations are fully catered.

Zoltan "Pizza" Grubb the Hutt, granee lorda