The Hutt Clan Consortium

Port Nowhere

Port Nowhere is the mining sector of the Hutt Clan Consortium. Based out of the station with the same name, Port Nowhere has been a mining hub since its inception during the rule of the Old Republic. For all RM sales and inquiries, please contact Dakin Strachan.

The Hutt Clan

The Hutt Clan is the main branch and trading portion of the Hutt Clan Consortium. With their hands in smuggling, cartography, slicing, and trade management, the Hutt Clan has maintained a level of secrecy and relevance through this ever changing galaxy. Contact Burgga Kostijic Mafa with any questions, or for employment opportunities.

Freebooters Union

Freebooters Union is the mercenary limb of the Hutt Clan Consortium. Sprung from the ashes of the old Galactic Productions, the Freebooters made a name for themselves by taking down their rogue leader, Za. Now they perform a variety of odd jobs, guns for hire. Contact Alston Nailo with any questions.

Outer Rim Supply

Outer Rim Supply is the manufacturing offshoot of the the Hutt Clan Consortium. ORS provides of all the necessities that bounty hunters, colonists, smugglers, and explorers in the Outer Rim could ever possibly need. For sales and inquiries, please contact Ungazzan Kakec or Burgga Kostijic Mafa.